Materials and handicraft


Topaz is a second-generation family business that has delivered high craftsmanship for nearly half a century. Foundations of corporate philosophy is superior craftsmanship, quality materials and an easily recognizable design.

Topaz’ timeless seal skin boots inspired by the Sami biekso and Inuit kamiks, while the line By Oslo offers contemporary boots in cowhide in both bright red, purple and untreated leather.

Topaz emphasizes on being a producer close to customers. The service on the footwear costs you nothing. You always get answers to your queries, and response time is short. Not least Topaz is good on delivering. Production can be increased rapidly due to temperature fluctuations. Deliveries goes smoothly, and predictability and is ensured at all stages.

Materials from our heritage

Seal skin

The hairs on seal skin has a natural and unique heat insulating ability and a natural layer of fat that is water resistant and does not need treatment. At Topaz we choose to use seal skins from Canada and Greenland.

Topaz support seal hunting in the Arctic, along the Labrador Sea, Greenland and eastern Barents Sea. The seals live free in their natural environment until they are hunted and harvested as surplus of natural resources. It is important to have a resource utilization of seal population in these areas, so that indigenous people can gain income without being dependent on support from the greater society and in order to continue its settlement in the northern areas.

The seals will still be hunted to keep the population down and away from parts of the coast of Europe. The animals are then not exploited for food or processed in other ways, but will instead be destroyed and discarded as waste. Therefore it is important for Topaz to use the raw substances that the seals give and to provide jobs and self-sufficiency of food in the Arctic.

You can read more about this in our Code of Conduct.


Cowhide has been used for winter shoes in our latitudes since the beginning of time. The hairs on the cowhide is a natural isolator from the cold, and the material is very durable. It can and should be treated with a waterproofing spray. Topaz uses only European tanneries and leather vendors.

Calf skin 

Topaz’ elegant and timeless leather slippers are sewn from smooth calfskin that gives good and stable support for the foot arch, and shock absorption for the heel and forefoot. Calfskin is thin and fills less in the shoe.

Other natural materials Topaz using, sheep wool, reindeer skin and moose skin – all materials from our Nordic heritage.